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Largymore Primary School Lisburn

The Breeze Club

Welcome to The Breeze Club! A newly formed group at Largymore Primary School for families living with Autism and Social Communication Difficulties. We meet throughout the year to share information and experiences that help and support.

We have coffee mornings for adults and arrange afternoon activities for the kids. If you are interested in joining us please ask at the school office for more information.

If anyone is interested in a knitting/croche group for a Monday/Friday Morning please let Mrs Dunlop know.




Our fun craft days with the children are great. They have a great time making sensory balloons and calming bottles. These sensory toys have dual effects, firstly they can help your child calm themselves down when they are overwhelmed or oversensitized by their environment. Secondly the making of these toys helps develop their hand eye coordination and develops fine motor skills.

We hope you will come along and join in the fun on our activity days. Details will be sent out via the Friday note.

Don’t forget our parent support group coffee mornings every fortnight. We often have pamper session with tea, coffee and buns.


The Breeze


Breeze Christmas Party