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Largymore Primary School Lisburn

What is Take Ten?

TakeTen is an innovative bio feedback programme for schools and colleges that can help to improve students performance and behaviour.

With the pressures of modern living, so many children today suffer from significant stress in their every day lives, whether at school, socially or at home. This stress is often experienced in the classroom and can have a detrimental effect on people's cognitive function and learning skills and can also have adverse consequences on their behaviour, self-esteem and performance.

A growing body of research confirms that using programmes like TakeTen in the classroom, can significantly improve students emotional well-being that results in better behaviour and improved academic performance.

Whether it is improving exam results, or having better behaviour in class, TakeTen can help to bring out the best in students of all ages.  Considerable positive effect has also been experienced by children with educational, behavioural and emotional difficulties, including AD(H)D and Dyslexia. TakeTen is currently involved in studies with children with Aspergers, and also teenagers in Youth Offenders institutions.

The TakeTen Programme is currently used by over 100 schools in Ireland and more recently throughout the UK with great results reported both for teachers and pupils. At Largymore the staff are increasingly recognising the importance and benefits of a proactive approach to helping their pupils address and manage their stress levels. By using TakeTen, they are able to achieve this simply and effectively.




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